Members I-L


Adediran Daniel Ikuomola

University of Ibadan
Department of Sociology and Criminology
Youth and Urban Struggle, Climate Change and Conflict, Crime Studies

Patrick Ireland 

Illinois Institute of Technology
Department of Political Science
Political Science, Migration, Public Health

MaryAnne Iwara

Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
African Peace and Conflict Studies, West African Security



Don Jackson

Northern Illinois University
US Foreign Policy, Modern Africa, Nationalism

Marissa A. L. Jackson

United States Court of Appeals/ 4th World Initiative, Inc.
Sixth Circuit
Law, Human Rights, Development, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire Burkina Faso, Ghana, Nigeria

Jillian Jaeger

Boston University
Political Science Department
Political participation, incorporation of migrant communities

Hilary Jones

Florida International University
Department of History & African and African Diaspora Studies Program
19th century West Africa, Senegal

Opeyemi Joshua

Covenant University
Building Technology
Building structures

 Eileen Julien

Indiana University
Department of Comparative Literature
African Literature, African American Literature


Ibrahima Ka

Universite Gaston Berger
Department Sciences Juridiques et Politiques
Droit Foncier (Land tenure)

Shana Kagan

Tulane University
Public Health Department
West Africa, Public Health

Jemadari Kamara

University of Massachusetts Boston
Africana Studies
French, Francophone and African Literature

Kinsey Katchka

University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
Art Department
Anthropology, art, African Studies

Ray Arthur Inge Kea

University of California Riverside
History Department
West Africa, Atlantic world

Van Kelly

University of Kansas
Department of French & Italian
Benin, Senegal, Urban Studies, Literature

Sara Beth Keough

Saginaw Valley State University
Geography Department
Material culture, migration, media, human-environment interactions, sense of place/ home

Rita Keresztesi

University of Oklahoma
English Department
Cultural Studies, Film, Literature, Music

Michael Kevane

Santa Clara University
Department of Economics
Economics, Anthropology

Karla Kirk

Fresno City College 
Department of Cultural and Women Studies
West Africa History and Culture

Erin Kitchell

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Geography
Geography, Senegal, Mali, and Burkina Faso

Olwaseun Kolawole

Department of Botany and Microbiology

Michael Aondo-Verr Kombol

Benue State University
Department of Mass Communication
Nigeria, West Africa, Mass Communication

Jeane Koopman

Boston University
African Studies Center
Landgrabs, Agriculture, Peasant movements

Michelle Therese Kuenzi

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Political Science Department
Politics in West Africa


Sidra Lawrence

Bowling Green State University
Department of Ethnomusicology
Gender studies, Ethnomusicology, Ghana, Burkina Faso

Dennis Laumann

University of Memphis
Department of History
Ghana, History

Annette Damayanti Lienau

University of Massachusetts- Amherst
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Comparative Post-Colonial Literature, Arabic & Ajami Literature (Senegal, Egypt, Indonesia)

Scott Linford

University of California, Los Angeles
Ethnomusicology Department
Ethnomusicology, Senegal

Scott London

Randolf- Macon College
Gender, law, violence, family

Sheba Lo

California State University, Northridge
Pan African Studies
African Studies: Senegal & US

Timothy Longman

Boston University 
African Studies Center
Political science, religion, law

Brandon Lundy

Kennesaw State University
Anthropology, Identity, Culture, West Africa

Cecelia M. Lynch

University of California, Irvine
Political Science Department
Humanitarianism, religion and ethics, international relations, globalization, and security in Africa


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