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Edmund Abaka

University of Miami
History Department
History, African Studies, International Studies, Ghana, West Africa, Cuba

Tahar Abbou

University of Adrar (Algeria)
West Africa, The Gold Coast and Algeria

Ofosuwa Mutashat Abiola

Howard University
History Department
Pre-colonial Senegalese Cultural History, Africana Studies, Women’s History, History of African Dance

Nwando Achebe

Michigan State University
History Department
West African History, Women, Gender, & Sexual History, Oral History

Aremu Olajire Adegoke

University of Ibadan (Nigeria)
Department Pharmacy Chemistry
Pharmaceutical analysis and synthetic chemistry

Kayode Adewole

University of Ilorin (Nigeria)
Department of Biochemistry
Biochemistry, toxicology, peptide science

Valerie Adjoh-Davoh

University of Cape Coast
Department of History
Ghana, History

Augustine Agwuele 

Texas State University
Anthropology Department
West Africa, Linguistics, Anthropology

Victoria Agyare-Appiah

University of Cape Coast
Religions and Human Values Department
Religious Studies, Ghana

Jeffrey Ahlman 

Smith College
Department of History
African History

Flora Aigbe 

University of Lagos
College of Medicine
Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology

Septime Akibode


Gerard Akindes

Ohio University
Sports Administration- International Studies
Media, Sociology and Economics of Sport in Francophone Africa

Emmanuel Akyeampong

Harvard University
History Department
West African History, Comparative Slavery, Social and Cultural History

Abel Amado

Simmons College
Political Science
Lusophone Africa, Cape Verde, Politics

Ousseina Alidou

Rutgers University
Department of African-American and African Studies
African Literature

Samuel Anderson

University of California, Los Angeles
History Department
History of Maghrib, Sahara, Sahel, Algeria and Senegal

A. G. Ansong

George Mason University
Department of Urban Planning
Sub Sahara Africa

Catherine Appert

Cornell University 
African music, global hip hop, Atlantic studies

Stephen Arbogast

St. Mark’s School of Texas
Workplace Ethics, Just Global Society, Religious Commmunities

De Guio Armando

University of Padua 
Department of Cultural Heritage: Archaeology and History of Art, Cinema and Music
Archaeology, Burkina-Faso, Ethno-historical Archaeology

Mary Jo Arnoldi

Smithsonian Institution
Anthropology Department
Art History, Cultural Anthropology

Leornado Arriola

UC Berkeley
Political Science Department
Democratisation, Coalition Politics

Erin Joanna Augis

Ramapo College of New Jersey
Department of Sociology
Gender, Religion

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Tracy Bach

Vermont Law School
Environmental law, environmental health, climate change, rule of law, governance
Senegal, West Africa, Francophone Africa 

Allison Backman

Boston University
School of Social Work
Social Work, Public Health

Abu Bah

Northern Illinois University
Department of Sociology
Sociology, Political Science, History

Oluwakemi Balogun

University of Oregon
Department of Sociology
Sociology, Women and Gender Studies

Maimouna Barro

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
West Africa

Robert Baum

Dartmouth College
Department of Religion
Indigenous Religion, Anthropology, History, Religious studies

Dara Bayer

Boston Arts Academy
Humanities Department
Nigeria, Religions, Yoruba culture

Yusuf Bello

Federal University Dutsin-ma (Nigeria)
Department of Mathematical Sciences and Information Technology

Sara Berry

Johns Hopkins University
History Department
History, Political Economy, Anthropology

Abhit Bhandari

Columbia University
Political Science Department
Political economy of development; contract enforcement; property rights; informal institutions

James Blackwell 

Michigan State University
Department of History

Michael Blakey 

William & Mary
School of Arts & Sciences, Anthropology
Biological anthropology, biohistory, African diaspora

Alice Bonou 

Universite Cheikh Anta Diop (Senegal)
Economics of Climate Change

Catherine Boone

University of Texas at Austin
Department of Government
Political Economy

Vincent A. Bouchard

Indiana University
Francophone Studies
Media and cultural studies

Joseph Bradshaw

Michigan State University
History Department
Islam in Africa, Mali, Senegal, Mauritania

China Braekman

Columbia University
Departments of Anthropology/Political Science
Anthropology and Political Science, Senegal, France

Lawrence Breitborde

Knox College
Anthropology & Sociology
Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology, Urban Studies

Leif Brottem

University of Wisconsin- Madison
Geography Department
Land tenure, resource governance, conservation, climate change, savanna

Fahamisha Brown

Metropolitan College of New York
Department of Urban Studies/ Human Services
Literature, Orality, Poetry, women writers

Devin Bryson

Illinois College
Modern Languages Department
French and Francophone Studies

Emma Bunkley

University of Arizona
School of Anthropology
Chronic Disease, Infectious Diseases, Women and Gender Issues

Beth Buggenhagen

Indiana University
Department of Anthropology
Circulation Value, Islam, Gender, Transnationalism

Henry Nii Nmai Bulley 

BMCC City University of New York 
Department of Social Science & Human Services
Sustainable Development, Environmental Conservation, Land Use assessment, GIS, remote Sensing, water resources, Landscape ecology

Judith Byfield

Cornell University
Department of History
Gender and Nigeria

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Rebecca Louise Carter 

Brown University
Department of Anthropology and Urban Studies
Cultural Anthropology, Urban Studies

Susana Castillo-Rodriguez

Saint Anselm College
Department of Mordern Languages and Literatures
Anthropology, Linguistics, Missionary/Colonial Linguistics

Mbye Cham

Howard University
Department of African Studies
Literature and Film

Tucker Childs

Portland State University
Department of Linguistics
History, Linguistics, Phonology

Matthew Christensen

University of Texas, Pan American
Department of English
English, Comparative Literature, Sierra Leone, Nigeria

Gloria Chuku

University of Maryland Baltimore County
Africana Studies
History, United States, Nigeria

Mamadou Cisse

Universite Cheikh Anta Diop (Senegal)
Department of Linguistics and Language Sciences
Descriptive linguistics, African studies

Youssoufou Congo

Center for Global Development
Economics, Microfinance

Barbara Cooper

Rutgers University
Department of History
West Africa, Gender, Islam

Peter Reid Coutros

Yale University
Anthropology Department
Archaeology, Mali, Senegal

Ashley Currier

University of Cincinnati
Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Social movements, gender, Sexuality, nationalism

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Karima Daoudi

Independent Researcher
Ethnomusicology, Anthropology

Mark Davidheiser

Nova Southeastern University
Department of Conflict Analysis & Resolution
Socio-cultural Anthropology, African Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Mande Studies,
Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Political Science, Sociology, History

Justine Davis

University of California, Berkeley
Political Science Department
Conflict, Violence, Democratization, Political Participation, Social movements, Voting Behavior, Youth

Meghan Davis

University of London
School of Oriental and African Studies
Horn of Africa, West Africa

Josephine Dawuni

Howard University 
School of Arts and Sciences
Gender, Politics, Africa

Adrian Deese

Cornell University
Department of History
West African History (Nigeria, Ghana, Benin)

Alioune Deme

Universite Cheikh Anta Diop (Senegal)
History Department
Senegal Valley, West Africa, History, Archaeology

Nicholas Diamond

Boston University
School of Public Health
Francophone Africa, Sexuality, Gender and Health

Moussa Dieng

Michigan State University
Department of Forestry
Forestry, Geography

Maria Doubrovskaia

Columbia University
Slavic Literature
Senegal, Russia

Mamasa Dukureh

Columbia University
Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies
Cultural Studies, Education, Social Inequality, Gender and Race

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