Yelimane Fall Greeting Cards

We are pleased to announce that WARA will be selling greetings cards featuring the artwork of renowned Senegalese calligrapher, Yelimane Fall.


This is one of the cards

Yelimane Fall is a Senegalese visual artist and activist. He creates graphically dynamic paintings and murals employing Arabic calligraphy as an African artistic expression, infusing his work with a specifically African movement and rhythm. Fall uses his knowledge of the twenty-eight letters of the Arabic alphabet and the seven styles of calligraphy, from Ibn Muqla, Ibn Al Bawab, and Muntasimi and the Baghdad School, to create graceful letters and sinuous forms. Through experimentation with materials not typically used in the calligraphic arts, such as pencils, brushes and acrylics, Fall is creating a revolution in African calligraphy.
Fall draws inspiration from the philosophy of Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba, founder of the Muridiyya Sufi Brotherhood, which was started in Senegal in the mid-19th century. His personal motto is: Faith, Uprightness, and Knowledge, for an interior and universal peace.  As a community activist, Fall is committed to passing his calligraphic techniques on to the younger generation, and presents workshops on painting and calligraphy to children from resource poor communities in and around Dakar, Senegal.  At present, there is no school dedicated to calligraphic African art in West Africa. Fall would like to found a West African center for calligraphy for young people from all over the world who wish to be trained in the Arabic calligraphy of black Africa. Proceeds from the sale of these cards will directly support this effort.

A pack of six cards is $18 and a full set of twelve is $36, these prices include shipping. To see more works by Yelimane Fall, please click here. Some of the pieces on the website are available for purchase, please inquire. Please contact Stephanie Guirand at to purchase these fabulous greeting cards.