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May 13th, 2014

We extend our expressions of solidarity and concern to the families of the young students violently taken from the school in Chibok where they were sitting exams. Our hearts are with you and we, like so many around the world, pray for the safe return of these young people.  We reach out as well to our many colleagues in colleges and universities across Nigeria, who are confronted with a tragedy on both personal and professional terms.  As an organization of researchers and scholars, WARA denounces this growing attack on education. The brutal targeting of students is an all-out assault on youth and on the future.

Children everywhere, girls in particular, are increasingly targets of oppressive violence. It is each of our jobs as adults to see that our children are safe. We must denounce the production and circulation of the arms that make this kind of violence possible. We must hold our communities and governments accountable for enforcing policies that protect our children. Girls and young people everywhere deserve to live in a world free of violence where they can learn and grow and prepare for the future of their communities.


The West African Research Association

Boston & Dakar