Black History Month at WARC:

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March 12th, 2014

Films and a Jazz Session

The film Lincoln, was the first film in the West African Research Center’s Black History Month program. Screened on Friday February 7th, it attracted quite a crowd. Indeed, President Abraham Lincoln is one of the great figures of American history and those who attended the showing made insightful contributions and raised seminal questions during the discussions that followed the screening.

Photo 1The next feature film, The Butler, was shown on Wednesday, February 12, and was followed by a discussion led by Professor Louis Mendy.

The series will also include a screening of Invictus, which will be an opportunity to discuss the life and career of the African giant, Nelson Mandela.

A special session will be dedicated to children with the showing of two documentaries: one African and the other African American.

Finally, pride of place will be made for African American music with the showing and discussion of Oxygen for the Ears, a film on jazz. On the occasion, live jazz music will be performed by a group of Senegalese jazz aficionados in the gardens of the West African Research Center.

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