Misremembering Dr King:

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December 20th, 2013

Revisiting the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.
by Jennifer J. Yanco

(Indiana University Press, 2014)

Pr Ousmane Sène , WARC Director & Dr Jennifer Yanco, author of Misremembering Dr. King, and WARA  Director

Pr Ousmane Sène , WARC Director & Dr Jennifer Yanco, author of Misremembering Dr. King, and WARA Director

On December 11, Jennifer Yanco made a presentation on her forthcoming book at the West African Research Center. The book will be released by Indiana University Press in early January.

Introducing the writer, the chair of the event, Dr Ousmane Sene, director of the West African Research Center and professor of American literature and civilization at University Cheikh Anta Diop, commented on Dr. Yanco’s longstanding commitment to social justice through her anti-racism work and community engagement.

Dr. Yanco’s book addresses the unfortunate amnesia concerning Dr. King’s work. The purpose of the book, according to Dr. Yanco, is to remind readers that Dr. King was in fact a radical truth teller and outspoken critic of the policies of his own country. He warned us all against what he termed the ‘giant triplets’ of militarism, materialism,

A view of the audience

A view of the audience

and racism and their corrosive effects on the body politic.

Through the discussions which ensued many speakers concurred with the author and congratulated her for drawing attention to these key issues which, most of the time, are left out of the record.

Indeed, while in the popular memory of Dr. King the emphasis is frequently laid on the struggle for civil rights and selected passages from his famous speech “I have A Dream….”, the three –isms—Militarism, Materialism, and Racism– about which he spoke and wrote extensively are more often than not completely absent.

Dr Yanco’s approach in her book was said to be so inspiring that a professor present in the room called the attention of his graduate students to at least five new research topics inspired by the author’s work.

The exchanges between the writer and the audience were lively and substantial enough to consider the book as a major contribution to further and better understanding Dr King’s vision.

The 41 people who attended the event were invited to a friendly reception offered by WARC in honor of the WARA Director and writer of the book, Dr Jennifer Yanco who was also awarded a certificate of appreciation by the staff of the West African Research Center.

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