DAART Fellow Evariste Aohoui- PARO Wins Award

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December 10th, 2013

Evariste at WARC in Dakar, Senegal

Evariste at WARC in Dakar, Senegal

WARA would like to congratulate DAART Fellow Adidjangnimou Evariste Aohoui of Programme Assainissement- Recyclage Ordures (PARO) in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire. Mr Aohoui and his organization PARO have been chosen from among hundreds of submissions as a winner for innovation and creativity.

Forum Africa 2013 has awarded PARO for their unique and original contribution to sustainable development on the continent. Information on his organization will be publicized among the Forum Africa 2013 participants, companies, NGOs and donors. PARO will also participate in the network Africa of Forum for Innovation, which allows them access to technical and financial instruments for entrepreneurship and innovation on the continent.

PARO is an organization that works in the environmental field, more specifically in recycling in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire. They teach about pollution and recycling. They employ youth to clean up their communities and to recycle; in turn the youth develop a sense of investment in the community and take ownership of the work by keeping their neighborhoods clean. They believe that this is only the beginning, that this investment will manifests itself in mobilizing youth around other issues in their neighborhoods. They hope to grow their organization to disseminate their message more effectively, to allow their community to have environmentally safe products, and to teach community awareness.

The Dakar American Applied Research Training (DAART) program brought together eleven young leaders throughout West Africa for two months in 2012 for capacity building training and workshops. Selected from some one hundred applicants, the young leaders are engaged in the realization of a range of projects aimed at improving their communities. During their two-month training program, they received hands-on workshops on developing and using social media for change; financial management; proposal writing and development; technology tools; gender analysis; and evaluation theories and techniques. The eleven DAART fellows hail from Senegal (5), Togo (1), Cape Verde (1), Burkina Faso (1), Niger (2), and Guinea (1).

WARA congratulates Mr. Auhoui and PARO for their continued energy and effort towards a new direction for the continent of Africa.