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December 2nd, 2013


Le pouvoir de Wade. Autocratie, impunité et perte de valeurs

by Mandiaye Gaye

On Wednesday, November 22, WARC hosted a book presentation with a panel discussion featuring commentary by Magueye Kassé and Bouba Diop. The panel was moderated by Mody Niang.

Mandiaye Gaye is a prolific political columnist and his articles are often published in the local Senegalese newspapers. He thinks of himself as a sentinel whose mission is to denounce the abuses of the power in place and to raise consciousness among his readers. This is in fact the reason why he wrote his last book, Le pouvoir de Wade. Autocratie, impunité et perte de valeurs,  which is a scathing critique of the 12 years Abdoulaye Wade spent in power after having been in the opposition for 25 years.

In this book, the author traces the advent of « Alternance » and the disillusionment people went through after they elected Abdoulaye Wade. He describes in detail the things that tarnished Wade’s regime: embezzlement, oligarchy, violence, injustices, incoherent policy, manipulation of the constitution, and the Diola shipwreck among other things. He also talks about the evil consequences Wade’s two terms brought to the Senegalese people. According to him, during this period counter-values instead of positive, moral and progressive values were promoted: theft, lying, money laundering, unethical practices, false promises, and a double-standard (“wakh wakhet”).

The book dedication ceremony provided the occasion to rekindle the debate on the reconstruction of our institutions and on how to create a link between democracy, institutions, and human responsibility. It also allowed them to stress the fact that it is necessary to have people such as Mr. Gaye play the role of “sentinel” (whistleblower) in order not only to prevent a family style management of our country, but also to stay vigilant since counter values such as “transhumance” still proliferate under the current regime.

The conclusion drawn at the end of the debates was that Senegalese people need to do their self criticism, take responsibility where they should, and draw lessons from the past so as not to repeat the same mistakes.  The event was attended by 47 people.