Fonction Publique Locale : Une contribution concrète autour de l’Acte 3 de la Décentralisation by Mayacine Diagne

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November 15th, 2013

Book Presentation at WARC

(Presses Universitaires Gaston Berger, Saint Louis, 2013)

The author, Mayacine Diagne, is professor of public law at Université Gaston Berger, Saint Louis, Senegal. For several years he also served as Cabin

The author, M. Diagne (left)

The author, M. Diagne (left)

Since independence, and more particularly with President Abdou Diouf, efforts have been made by the central government to devolve decision-making processes to local governments in the various regions, urban, and rural communities in the country. This resulted in the addition of rural communities to the already existing rural municipalities.

But, according to Professor Mayacine Diagne and many other specialists on the question who attended the November 12th event at WARC, there

 A view of the audience

A view of the audience

are many other decisions to be made before rural communities exercise full control over their operations. One of such landmark decision would involve creating a local civil service with the various employees in such sectors as health, education, agriculture, and the environment to be made answerable to local authorities rather than to the central government as is presently the case.

The book was published and launched at a very propitious time, as the Senegalese government is about to initiate the third step of the decentralisation exercise with the aim of further empowering local communities and turning rural communities into municipalities.

The ceremony was well attended by an audience numbering 51 people, including experts on such issues as well as senior officials working in various government ministries, researchers and the larger public.