Senegalese Minister of Higher Education

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July 23rd, 2013

Minister of Higher Education shares lunch at WARC with US Ambassador after President Obama’s visit to Senegal


(l to r): Kristin Kane, Public Affairs Officer; Minister Mary Teuw Niane, Ambassador Lewis Lukens, WARC Director Ousmane Sene

On Tuesday, July 2, Professor Mary Teuw Niane, the Senegalese Minister of Higher Education came to WARC to visit the new DAART extension in the company of His Excellency Lewis Lukens, US Ambassador to Senegal. For the record, the plaque of the new building was officially unveiled on May 23rd by the minister (represented by his Secretary General), the US Ambassador, and Dr. Jennifer Yanco, the director of WARA. The Minister was offered a guided tour of WARC and expressed his interest in using the new conference room as a venue for events like seminars and workshops organized by the Senegalese ministry of higher education.

The visit included a luncheon in the WARC gardens, also attended by PAO Kristin Kane during which Minister Niane expanded on his vision for higher education in Senegal and described the numerous projects he is currently implementing in the sector. He and Ambassador Lukens exchanged notes as well on the very successful visit of President Obama on June 26-28.

WARC Director Ousmane Sene had the honor of being part of President Obama’s meeting with select members of Senegalese civil society on Goree Island and was also invited to the dinner offered by the Senegalese President on the occasion of the visit of his US counterpart.