SAIIA/WARC Workshop:

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May 3rd, 2013

Understanding Senegal Foreign Policy since the year 2000

This workshop, held jointly by WARC and the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) took place at WARC on April 23, 2013. It SIIA 1followed up on the first one held at WARC in June 2011, and focused on three major papers presented in 2011 exploring the following issues:

Senegal foreign policy since 2000

  • Senegal under President Wade and its relations with neighboring Guinea-Bissau
  • France-Senegal relations since 2000

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The cabinet director of the Senegalese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the SAIIA representative & the director of WARC fielding questions from reporters

The papers were discussed by prominent active or retired Senegalese diplomats, academics and other specialists of international relations. The workshop generated very instructive exchanges among participants. Among the recommendations made was the suggestion that a committee of eminent persons be established to examine the future creation of a West African institute for strategic and international relations studies.

During the opening ceremony participants were addressed by the Director of WARC, the SAIIA representative, and the representative of the Senegalese minister of foreign affairs.

The SAIIA representative announced an upcoming meeting in Addis Abeba during which proceedings from the WARC workshop will be used to further support work of the African Union on the foreign policies of African countries.

All 38 participants gathered together and engaged in informal discussions during the lunch in the gardens of the West African Research Center.