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October 8th, 2012

WARC Book Presentation and Dedication Ceremony
By General Mamadou Niang
(L’Harmattan-Senegal, 2012)

Distinguished members of the audience

Distinguished members of the audience

Never before, since the time WARC started the exercise, has a book launch drawn such a huge and distinguished audience.  Indeed, WARC was so packed with academics, political leaders, military top brass, writers, former and active senior government officials, retired and active diplomats (both national and foreign), executives from the private sector, journalists and other members of the larger public that WARC was literally blocked with the incredible number of cars parked in the neighborhood. The career and personality of the author are certainly the major reasons accounting for this great turn-out.

General Niang, who grew up as a young Fulani on the banks of the Senegal River (the Old Man River of all Senegalese Fulani living in the River region up North, according to Cheikh Hamidou Kane the celebrated author of the novel Ambiguous Adventure), is a household name and a highly respected public figure in Senegal, all over West Africa, in South Lebanon and even at Buckingham Palace, among other places in the world.

During his military career, General Niang played a key role in the UN peacekeeping missions involving the Senegalese armed forces, primarily in South Lebanon where, because of his action and stance, all Lebanese leaders held him in high respect.

For the civilian part of his career, General Niang successfully led the Senegalese Observatoire National des Elections (Onel), where he closely

Book signing by General Mamadou Niang

Book signing by General Mamadou Niang

collaborated with a particularly brilliant, professional and honest Senegalese academic, Babacar Kante (law Professor at University Gaston Berger of Saint Louis, Senegal). Subsequently, he was appointed Minister of the Interior in the Senegalese government, before wrapping up his public life with an ambassadorial post and presenting his letters of accreditation to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

The panel around General Mamadou Niang featured other distinguished Senegalese: Mr Augustin Tine, Senegalese Minister of the Armed Forces (who chaired the panel), General Abdoulaye Fall, Chief of General Staff (Senegalese armed forces), law professor Babacar Kante, retired General Ibrahima Gabar Diop (Senegalese army), Hamidou Dia, philosophy professor, writer and advisor to the Senegalese president of the republic.

General Niang’s biography also sheds light on many events and developments relating to security, politics, and peace keeping, as demonstrated by the range of issues discussed both by panelists and other speakers from the audience, which numbered 234 people.