Financial Aid & Current Tuition

M.S. students typically register for 12-14 credits in the first semester of the program and 8-10 credits in the second semester of the first year. The remaining credits of the 32 credit program are distributed across the remaining two semesters. The cost of attendance is determined per credit, up to a maximum per semester cost based on 12 credits (add link here:

Students will be certified as full-time, and will receive benefits of being a full-time student in all four semesters of the program. In addition to costs per credit, students are responsible for purchasing health insurance and their own cost of living. Please see this link for an estimate of these costs. Student tuition, fees, and budget (see Part Time Credits).

Students enrolled in the Master’s program are eligible for financial aid in the form of loans to contribute to tuition and living expenses. More information about loan programs can be obtained from the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences for admission information and click the following for Financial Aid assistance.