Anatomy & Neurobiology Graduate Student Life

The Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology offer many opportunities to become involved.

Alumni Coordinators: These members will update the department’s alumni list and the alumni page on the department website as students graduate. They will also communicate with alumni to gather current information and provide them with current events within the department.

Graduate Medical Science Student Organization:  Members will attend  monthly meetings to organize events for graduate students on the medical campus. This includes  orientation, BBQ, and volunteer events.

Newsletter: This group of students will gather articles from faculty, staff, and students to present in a newsletter form about the recent news of the department. Articles typically include recent awarded grants, new students and/or faculty,conference updates, recent publications, presentations and a report from the chairman.

Mentors: A mentor is typically a student who has been in the department for two or more years. Mentors may be paired with one or more students. Their primary role is to provide mentees with basic information and to answer any questions a new student may have.

Raviola Memorial Seminar: Dr. Raviola was an outstanding scientist in our department. In her honor, each year a group of graduate students choose a speaker typically within the field of vision. Students choose the speaker and organize the day. Typically there is a time to meet with faculty, lunch with students, and a reception following the seminar.

Seminar Coordinators: This is the responsibility of first year students. Students will need to purchase food ahead of time for the weekly department seminars.

Social Committee: Students organize social gathers for the graduate students of the department. This is a “get-to-know” each other outside of the classroom. In the past, events have included movies, bowling, game night.

Student Reps:  It is the responsibility of these two students to organize the graduate students and report to the faculty any issues that may have come up. It is also their responsibility to report back to the students the events of the graduate student committee.