MS in Anatomy & Neurobiology

Vesalius Program

The Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology at Boston University School of Medicine is renowned for its excellence in biomedical teaching and its rigorous research programs. overviewThe nationally recognized Vesalius Program is a one-of-a-kind degree program that creates world-class educators by applying principles of neurobiology to education. We have produced a short video to provide an overview of the program.

The Vesalius Program offers small advanced teaching courses combined with one-on-one mentoring with experienced and award winning faculty. Students will take first year medical and graduate school courses to obtain a solid foundation in the biomedical sciences and in the principles of brain function.  They will then use this rigorous environment to train to become an effective educator and as a testing bench to apply new and emerging ideas in the neurobiology of education.

Following formal course work, each student chooses a variety of teaching experiences that include:

  • designing and presenting a lecture
  • leading small group discussion sessions
  • laboratory teaching
  • course design
  • co-leading a graduate seminar course

Graduates represent the next generation of educators who are not only skilled teachers and professors but have a thorough understanding of the application of neurological principles to education.

For further information contact:

Graduate Director: Ann Zumwalt Ph.D.