Electronic Safe

Keep your valuables and documents organized and secure.

We offer BU students annual rental of a premium, heavy-gauge steel electronic safe/privacy box. Easy to lock and unlock with a swipe of your Terrier Card or credit card (or by entering a PIN on the keypad), the safe can hold passports and other important personal documents, laptops, cameras, mobile devices, jewelry, mp3 players, pictures, and more.

Rent Online Or mail in the annual or semester Print Application PDF linked below with the rental rates.


  • Card swipe access—unlocks with your Terrier Card or a credit card in your name
  • Alternative keypad lock—unlocks with a PIN you set
  • Heavy-gauge steel
  • Champion lock for securing to furniture

Weight & Dimensions

46 lbs
19” W x 15” D x 10” H

Rental Rates

Academic Year (fall and spring semesters): $100—plus $6.25 (6.25% Massachusetts sales tax.) Total $106.25.
Annual PDF Application 2020-21
Spring: $100—plus $6.25 (6.25% Massachusetts sales tax.) Total $106.25.
Spring PDF Application 2020
Summer I: $100—plus $6.25 (6.25% Massachusetts sales tax.) Total $106.25.
Summer I PDF Application 2020
Summer II:
$100—plus $6.25 (6.25% Massachusetts sales tax.) Total $106.25.
Summer II PDF Application 2020
Combined Summer I & II: $100—plus $6.25 (6.25% Massachusetts sales tax.) Total $106.25.
Summer I & II PDF Application 2020

Order online through the StudentLink (just select Electronic Safe from the list in the Food & Shelter tab).

For details on rental Terms & Conditions, including delivery, refunds, cancellations, lease transfers, damages, repairs–or if you prefer to mail your application–-please view Print Application PDF links listed above. Only one student’s name can appear on the rental agreement.

Contact our office with any questions during regular business hours at 617-353-2375.


If you order three weeks before semester you can even have the safe ready and waiting in your room when you get to campus for the fall semester. 

At the end of the academic year, just leave your safe in your room and we’ll collect it free of charge.

Call us with questions at 617-353-2375.

Boston University is not responsible for loss or malfunction associated with the electronic safe/privacy box.

Service & Repair

All our appliances are reliable and well maintained, but should anything happen as the result of defective parts or normal wear and tear, we offer repair services to our renters.