LaundryWebLogin Track available washers and dryers in your favorite location online using LaundryWeb.

With more than 370 washers and 380 dryers campus-wide, it’s easy to keep your clothes fresh and clean on campus. Mom will be so proud.

With LaundryWeb, you can do the following from any Terrier Card-enabled laundry facility on campus:

  • Check washer/dryer availability live, anytime
  • View the remaining time on any machine in use
  • Sign up for notifications when machines are free or when your laundry is done
  • See how many other students have inquired about a machine‚Äôs availability

To get started, head to the StudentLink and select Laundry Web from the list in the Food & Shelter tab. You can check your Terrier Card balance, too.

While you can pay with Convenience Points at a majority of our machines, we have 17 change machines across campus for times when you can’t.

Had a problem recently?

If you’ve had an issue recently with a washer or dryer, please send us a note and request a refund and we will work to get it fixed.

Laundry Locations

With over 750 washer and dryers on campus, you will be sure to find one close and convenient. Listed below are some of our largest laundry facilities, but you will also find many other units in buildings and residences throughout campus.

Major laundry facilities

Claflin Hall (West Campus)
273 Babcock St. | 11 Washers, 12 Dryers
Sleeper Hall (West Campus)
275 Babcock St. | 13 Washers, 10 Dryers
Rich Hall (West Campus)
277 Babcock St. | 10 Washers, 10 Dryers
Kilachand Hall
91 Bay State Rd. | 12 Washers, 12 Dryers
The Towers
140 Bay State Rd. | 20 Washers, 20 Dryers
Student Village I
10 Buick St. | 23 Washers, 24 Dryers
Student Village II
Harry Agganis Way | 28 Washers, 28 Dryers
Danielsen Hall
512 Beacon St. | 6 Washers, 8 Dryers
Myles Standish Hall
610 Beacon St. | 12 Washers, 12 Dryers
South Campus Laundry
44 Buswell St. | 14 Washers, 14 Dryers
575 Commonwealth Ave
575 Commonwealth Ave. | 12 Washers, 14 Dryers
Warren Towers A-Fairfield Tower
700 Commonwealth Ave. (WRT-A) | 6 Washers, 6 Dryers
Warren Towers B-Marshall Tower
700 Commonwealth Ave. (WRT-B) | 6 Washers, 6 Dryers
Warren Towers C-Shields Tower
700 Commonwealth Ave. (WRT-C) | 20 Washers, 20 Dryers
580 Commonwealth Avenue
12 Washers, 12 Dryers
815 Albany Street
815 Albany St. | 10 Washers, 10 Dryers
1019 Commonwealth Avenue
7 Washers, 8 Dryers

Laundry 101

BU mascot Rhett the Terrier imparts his uniquely canine take on doing laundry. Read the story on BU Today.