Planning Your Return: Fall

Fall Return Arrangements Details

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Academic Advising
Contact your academic advisor/college advising office to discuss course selections. Best done between February and April. June 1
Class Registration
Register for courses on or after your registration date, after obtaining the necessary academic advising, your academic advising code (AAC), and if applicable, after completing the medical review process.  It is advisable to complete your registration six to eight weeks in advance of the start of the semester in order to facilitate billing, financial aid awarding, etc. Mid-July
Visa Status (for international students only)
Contact ISSO to complete Form I-20 and other mandatory paperwork at least 90 days in advance of your desired date to re-enter the U.S. It is likely that ISSO will need to issue you a new Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status (Form DS-2019), whether you are in the United States or abroad during your leave of absence. For complete information on how to request a new document, please refer to the ISSO website. June 1
On-campus Housing
Email BU Housing to inquire about room availability for your semester of return. Best done February – April. May 1
Financial Aid
Complete your Financial Aid application. Materials are available beginning in January. May 1
If prior to or as a result of your leave of absence you did not meet the financial aid renewal satisfactory academic progress requirements, consider submitting a request for reconsideration. Mid-July
Student Account
View your bill on the Student Link starting in early July. Note: tuition and fees will not appear until you have registered for a semester. Click here for estimated cost of attendance figures. July
Make your payment by the payment deadline.  August 5
Loan Deferment/Repayment
Contact lenders prior to your return to discuss deferment. August 1
Medical Leave and Medical Review
Students who have taken a leave of absence for medical reasons must complete the medical review process with Student Health Services (SHS) before re-enrolling in classes.  Instructions and the necessary forms, which must be submitted to SHS by the deadline listed at right, are available here. June 1
Boston University policy requires students be in compliance to register for future semesters. You can review your compliance status by logging onto the Student Link, selecting the Personal tab, then checking Compliance Status. Additional information about compliance may be found on the Registrar’s website. March 1

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