How a Leave Will Affect You


This information applies for leaves arranged though USC in advance of the start of the semester.

Academic Advising
If you’re considering a leave of absence, talk with your academic advisor about how this will affect your degree studies (schedule for taking required courses, changes to graduation date, etc).

Academic Transcript
When your leave of absence is approved, the notation “leave of absence” will be listed on your transcript for the appropriate semester.

Class Registration
When your leave of absence is approved, your course registration will be canceled for the upcoming term and your name removed from class lists.

Financial Implications / Tuition Cancellation Schedule
The published tuition refund schedule provides for the full cancellation of tuition and fees for students who arrange their leaves of absence prior to the first day of the semester. If you need to arrange a leave on or after the first day of the semester, review the information under Taking a Leave After the Semester Begins and call the USC.

On-campus Housing
Your on-campus housing assignment will be canceled and the space reassigned. For information on requesting on-campus housing for your semester of return, see Planning Your Return From a Leave of Absence.

Financial Aid
Need-based financial aid, loans, and BU scholarships offered for the semester(s) you are on a leave of absence will be canceled.  For more information, visit BU Financial Assistance.  Any award offered by a private donor will be adjusted according to the terms stipulated by the donor.

Student Account/Billing
Allow two to three business days for account adjustments to be reflected in your online invoice; adjustment of financial aid funds may take up to thirty days. If these adjustments result in a credit balance (overpayment) on your account, the credit may be left in place to offset future charges, or refunded upon your request to

Loan Deferment/Repayment
Student and parent educational loans will go into repayment status. Information on payment amounts, grace periods, etc., can be obtained from the lender.

Health Insurance
     The Boston University Student Medical Insurance Plan Plan Year begins August 23, 2014, and runs through August 22, 2015. For students covered under the BU student medical insurance plan, this coverage will be automatically canceled for students who arrange a fall semester or full year leave of absence prior to or within the first month of the insurance policy period (by September 22, 2014.) If you were covered by the Boston University Student Medical Insurance Plan, you may be eligible to re-enroll in the plan. To determine the impact that arranging a leave of absence will have on your eligibility to retain insurance coverage, contact or call 617-353-2870.
     Students who are enrolled in the Boston University Student Medical Insurance Plan in the fall and arrange a spring leave of absence will retain the coverage through the remainder of the policy period.

Medical Requirements
University policy requires that all students who take leaves for medical reasons complete a medical review process with Student Health Services prior to re-enrollment. Information on the medical review process is outlined under the returning from leave options (for undergraduates) and on the Student Health Services website.  It is not necessary to provide medical documentation at the time of the leave of absence. Providing medical documentation at the time of the leave or soon thereafter, however, can facilitate the medical review process as part of the return from leave arrangements.  

 Student Employment/Work Study
Alert your employer that you will not be returning to your position. Your Work-Study award will be canceled when you take a leave of absence.

Access to Services
During a leave of absence, you will not have access to BU services (FitRec membership, library borrowing privileges, etc.).

BU Email and Student Link Access
     Your BU Email account remains active for each semester you are officially registered for classes or are on an approved leave of absence. If you do not register and do not obtain approval for a leave of absence for a fall or spring semester, your email account may be deactivated.
     Student Link access is retained. It is your responsibility to remember your BU login and Kerberos password to access your Link records during and after your University enrollment.

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