Professors Melissa Holt and Jennifer Greif Green, School of Education


Options: Volunteer Basis, Potential for Academic Credit

We are beginning a program of research on college adjustment among students who were bullied in middle and high school.  This position is an opportunity for students with interest in education or psychology who would like to be a part of a newly developing research team that involves two faculty and several graduate students in the School of Education.

In this position, you will:
• Participate in weekly research team meetings
• Engage in designing a new research study
• Assist with submissions to the Institutional Review Board
• Be involved in designing and carrying out a plan for recruiting study participants
• Use software to prepare an online survey
• Assist in the development of materials for a website on bullying prevention

Qualified students will:
• Have an interest in bullying and peer relationships
• Have an interest in quantitative methods in educational and psychological research (completion of a research methods course is preferred, but no prior experience including coursework is required)
• Be organized, efficient, responsive to email, and good at communicating with a research team

Our preference is for students who are available for a one-year commitment to this project.  Students who continue to participate in the spring will likely have additional opportunities to analyze and interpret findings from the study.

If you are interested, please email Dr. Melissa Holt ( with a description of your interest in the position, any previous research experience, and a resume.