CAS Summer Research Scholars 2011

The College of Arts & Sciences generously donated funds to UROP to support the work of outstanding UROP summer undergraduate researchers from CAS. The funds received from CAS were used to pay student stipends for the summer.

The following CAS Research Scholars were selected for the summer of 2011:

NAcciavatti CASNicole Acciavati 

The Role of Focal Adhesion Kinase in Mef2A Gene Regulation

Mentor: Frank Naya (Biology)

Stephanie Bachewski Stephanie Bachewski 

Influence of Visual Long-Term Memory Retrieval Processes on Visual Short-Term Memory Capacity

Mentor: David Somers (Psychology)

Rachel Benett CAS Rachel Bennett 

Age and Sex Differences in Fiber Digestion of Wild Bornean Orangutans

Mentor: Cheryl Knott (Anthropology)

Jane Fomina CAS Jane Fomina  

Characterizing Electron Transfer Pathway of the Triheme Cytochrome c Peroxidase from E.  coli

Mentor: Sean Elliot (Chemistry)

Spencer Goodman CAS Spencer Goodman 

The Development of Genetic Controls of Parasitism: an Investigation into the Parasite Edwardsiella lineata

Mentor: John Finnerty (Biology)

Emily Levin CASEmily Levin  

Jerusalem Pilgrimage

Mentor: Michael Zank (Religion)

Robert Marchwinski CAS ScholarRobert Marchwinski 

A Magnetic Field Survey of Giant Molecular Clouds in the Milky Way

Mentor: Dan Clemens (Astronomy)

Emily Mohr CASEmily Mohr 

Gender Distinction in the Religious Traditions of the Roman Empire

Mentor: Zsuzsanna Varhelyi (Classics)

Thien CASThien Tai Nguyen 

Modeling Neural Spiking Activity in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

Mentor: Uri Eden (Mathematics and Statistics)

Michael PatlajanMichael Patlajan 

Identification of Target Genes of Transcription Factor NF-kB in the Sea Anemone Nematostella vectensis

Mentor: Tom Gilmore (Biology)

Mihayl Petkov CASMihayl Petkov 

Significance of ATP Hydrolysis during the Target Protein Transfer of Iron-Sulfur Clusters by Nbp35 and Cfd1

Mentor: Deborah Perlstein (Chemistry)

Elizabeth Rosenstein CASElizabeth Rosenstein 

The Influence of Segmental Context on the Perception of Pitch in Speech Intonation

Mentor: Jonathan Barnes (Linguistics)

Parissa Saliman CASParissa Saliman 

Women with HIV: Serostatus Disclosure, Substance Use, and Disease Progression

Mentor: Leslie Brody (Psychology)

Megan Thibodeau CAS Scholar PictureMegan Thibodeau 

Creation of a Spectral Database of Minerals and Organic Materials of Archeological Interest Using Fourier Transform Infrared Reflectance Micro-Spectroscopy (mFTIR-R)

Mentor: Francesco Berna (Archaeology)

Gordon Towne CASGordon Towne 

Three Dimensional Reconstruction for Intelligent Tracking Systems

Mentor: Margrit Betke (Computer Science)

Alejandro Urrutia CASAlejandro Urrutia Rodriguez 

Transitional Justice in Central Africa

Mentor: Timothy Longman (Political Science)

Alyssa Winter CASAlyssa Winter 

The Development of the British University System: From Elitism to Mass Education and Back Again?

Mentor: Arianne Chernock (History)

Alex Wynn CAS 

Alexander Wynn

Precision Control and Measurement of the Strain-Dependent Properties of Graphene

Mentor: Bennett Goldberg (Physics)