CAS Summer Research Scholars

The College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) has often generously donated funds to UROP to support the work of outstanding summer undergraduate researchers from CAS. The funds received from CAS were used to pay student stipends for the summer.

The following CAS Research Scholars were selected for the summer of 2012:

DSC_0043_2Elise Alexander

Whose History? Secrecy, Authority, and Truth in the Opening of Russian Archives

Mentor: Arianne Chernock (History)

Picture for CAS ScolarshipCarmine Ballarano

Investigation of LSF Target Genes Involved in the Entry to Mitosis

Mentor: Ulla Hansen (Biology)

Gauthier_urop_pictureNicholas Gauthier 

Mapping Responses to Climate Change in Bronze Age Lydia

Mentor: Christopher Roosevelt (Archaeology)

Jennifer GilbertJennifer Gilbert 

Mental Health Efforts in Post-Shining Path Ayacucho

Mentor: David Scott Palmer (International Relations)

IMG_9732Santiago Gomez

Origins of the Term Latino: Political, Social, and Economic Actors

Mentor: Ashley Mears (Sociology)

UROPAnna Guzikowski  

Characterization of the Sulfite Reductase SirA from
Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Mentor: Sean Elliott (Chemistry)

IMG_2805Stephen Krawec

Supply and Demand: the Problem of Educational Deficiency in Mexico

Mentor: Adela Pineda (Romance Studies)

Stephanie KukolichStephanie Kukolich 

Small Inclusions Tell Big Stories

Mentor: Matt Jackson (Earth Sciences)

IMG_0410Lindsay Ladner

Mapping Rubens’ Emulations of Titan

Mentor: Jodi Cranston (Art History)

Bryan MahonyBryan Mahony

What is the Grass? A View of the Fracturing American Landscape as Identity in Modernist Literature

Mentor: John Matthews (English)

UROP pic 2Mary Elizabeth Moss 

Elucidating a Novel Role of the Phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase Pathway in Cardiac Cell Survival

Mentor: Geoffrey Cooper (Biology)

Laura Nelson UROP PhotoLaura Nelson

Evolving Minds: Children’s Learning of Natural Selection from Picture Books

Mentor: Deborah Keleman (Psychology)

532438_10150765875294994_528449993_11838147_277836609_nMaxwell Porter

Expanding a Three-dimensional Computer Model of Bats in Flight using Visible Light Footage

Mentor: Margrit Betke (Computer Science)

Ashley PowerAshley Power

Growth and Manipulation of Sea Anenome (Nematostella vectensis) Cells in Culture

Mentor: Thomas Gilmore (Biology)

My beautiful pictureJoseph Samaniego-Evans

AEGIS (Anti-Hydrogen Experiment: Gravity, Interferometry, Spectroscopy)

Mentor: Larry Sulak (Physics)

IMG_2904Belixi Zhou

Cheap Talk with Unknown Bias

Mentor: Sambuddha Ghosh (Economics)