Film- French Language and Criticism




FRENCH FILM STUDY AND TRANSLATION OPPORTUNITY. FLEXIBLE HOURS. I am completing a book of literary and film criticism that heavily quotes and draws from French-language literature and film. I would like to have a native (Parisian or similar, ideally) French speaker view scenes from French films, check my manuscript quotations of dialogue, and do a little other French to English translation from French film criticism to support my research. The position would give the helper a chance to learn more about high-level French art film and French film criticism–as well as writing about and understanding “art film” in general. The time commitment can be shrunk or enlarged to suit the amount of time the helper has available, from just a couple hours a week up to ten or more, and for to any period of time that is appropriate for the assistant (e.g., with certain weeks “on” or “off” duty, if the helper is busy with papers or exams, etc.). The position can begin at any point, and run for any duration, that UROP funding is available.

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