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Wisconsin Undergraduate Time Use Study

Professor Nathan Jones, a faculty member in the School of Education, is collaborating with a number of scholars to examine undergraduate students’ time use, a determinant factor of academic success. Undergraduate students often struggle to negotiate the academic, financial, and social demands on their time. This study surveys over 500 undergraduate students enrolled in STEM programs in multiple institutions on how they spend their time in college, who they spend time with, and their levels of engagement and affect across multiple activities. Using a unique time sampling methodology that leverages students’ smartphones to survey them repeatedly at random intervals, it examines whether financial constraints affect how they spend their time and whether alleviating these constraints with financial aid improves students’ academic achievement.

The data for this study has already been collected. The research assistant who is going to join Dr. Jones’s team will work closely with him and with his doctoral advisee, Reem Al Ghanem, on coding, managing, and analyzing the data. As a member of the research team, the research assistant will have the opportunity to work on coding qualitative data and converting them to quantitative data and then analyzing them using various statistical tests. They will also have the opportunity to co-author publications related to this study and to carry out independent analyses of the data, if they desire. This opportunity is well-suited to students in programs both in and outside of the School of Education.

The desired research assistant is an individual who is eager to learn, organized, committed to their work, and works effectively in a team setting. If interested, please contact Dr. Nathan Jones at


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