Education, Human Development, Psychology


Volunteer Basis,Potential for UROP Funding, Potential for Work-Study Funding, Potential for Academic Credit


The student will work closely with Professor Stephanie M. Curenton, a faculty member in the Wheelock College of Education and Human Development, whose research addresses the language and literacy development, academic achievement, and physical and mental health of ethnic minority children. There are three projects for which we are looking for undergraduate research assistants: Conversation Compass Project, ACSES Project, and RISER Data Project. The Conversation Compass Project examines preschool classroom conversations and focuses on language, linguistics, and bilingualism. The ACSES Project focuses on developing a rating tool that can be used to measure racial equity in classrooms.  The RISER Data Project focuses on data analysis related to education and health equity for African American children. For all projects, the research assistant will have the opportunity to learn both qualitative and quantitative data entry, coding, and/or analysis. Required qualifications include having some experience with video analysis and a basic knowledge of statistics and SPSS, EXCEL, or STATA. Applicants must be self-motivated, collaborative, and have a strong interest in language and literacy development, racial equity, or longitudinal data analysis.  Having prior professional or personal experience with ethnic minority children and/or being bilingual/bidialectal is a plus.  Must be available to work 6-10 hours per week.  Position can be part of UROP, independent study, or work study.  Send emails to with a resume and a cover letter explaining which project you are interested in working on.

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