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The Environmental Archaeology Laboratory seeks students interested in participating in research dedicated to understanding human relationships with environments in the past. We study the remnants of plants preserved in archaeological sites to understand better diet, agriculture, and environmental change.

Projects this term focus on the sorting and identification of seeds and wood charcoal from two archaeological sites: Ashkelon and Tel Shimron, both in Israel. New volunteers will work under the supervision of experienced lab members to identify and separate these remains from archaeological samples. We also are working to expand our modern comparative collections of microscopic phytoliths and experimentally carbonized wood charcoal.

Students from any background are welcome, although those with prior interest or training in archaeology, anthropology, and the biological and ecological sciences are especially desired. We request a minimum of 3-5 hours of lab work per week; times can be arranged to accommodate academic and work schedules. Work study funding is available for highly qualified students, and future directed work for academic credit or UROP funding is possible in subsequent semesters. Please contact Prof. John Marston if you are interested in joining the lab.


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