Published Students – 1998

The following is a list of recognized accomplishments by Boston University undergraduates for 1998.


Marc Girardot (Professor John Snyder, CAS – Chemistry)
M Girardot, R Nomak & JK Snyder. 1998. Direct conversion of heteroaromatic esters to methyl ketones with trimethylaluminum: nonsymmetrically disubstituted 1,2,4,5-tetrazines. Journal of Organic Chemistry 63: 10063-10068.

Brian Silvia (Thomas Kunz and Eric Widmaier, CAS – Biology)
TH Kunz, E Bicer, WR Hood, MJ Axtell, WR Harrington, BA Silvia & EP Widmaier.  1998 Plasma leptin decreases during lactation in insectivorous bats.  Journal of Comparative Physiology B 169: 61-66.

Meeting Presentations & Abstracts

Erica Stone (Professor Alice Cronin-Golomb, CAS – Psychology)
E Stone, SA Neargarder, A Cronin-Golomb & S Oross. 1998.  Exploring contrast sensitivity in Alzheimer’s disease: examination and comparison of four clinical tests.  Conference of Cognitive Aging. Abstract.

Sarah Shuwairi (Professor Alice Cronin-Golomb, CAS – Psychology)
SM Shuwairi, A Cronin-Golomb & B O’Donnell. 1998.  Role of dopaminergic dysfunction in color discrimination in age-related disorders:  a study of schizophrenia. Conference of Cognitive Aging. Abstract.