Recommendation Forms

Guidelines and links for recommendation forms.

  • Recommendation forms must be filled out by faculty mentors; Kerberos authentication is required for submission.
  • Recommendations are confidential; contents will not be shared with the applicant.
  • Your recommendation should address the student’s qualifications for the proposed research project. The selection committee weighs these comments heavily when rating applications; please keep this in mind when explaining why you are recommending the student for UROP funding.
  • If matching funds are not available, please make a note of it and provide a brief explanation. We prefer to reserve SRAs (which are fully funded by UROP) for deserving students whose mentors are truly unable to contribute to the stipend.
  • If your student is applying for a Supplies Award (which will be transferred to the mentor’s department to purchase research-related supplies), the recommendation should provide some justification for the proposed purchases listed on the student’s application.
  • A unique recommendation must be submitted for each application. If recommending two students to work on the same project, please address their individual strengths and contributions. If recommending continuing research on a previously funded project, address the caliber of work done so far and the expected benefits of continuing the project.
  • Faculty mentors must read the student’s application prior to submission. The selection committee does not look favorably on applications that have not been reviewed by the mentor.

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Standard Recommendation Form

Use for applications for Stipend Awards (FMG and SRA) and Supplies Awards; form is due by midnight on the application due date.

View Standard Recommendation Form

Travel Awards Recommendation Form

Use for applications for Research-Related Travel Awards and Conference Participation Awards.

View Travel Awards Recommendation Form

If you are unsure which form to use, call us at 617-353-2020, or send a message to