Immunology – Zhong

Xuemei Zhong

Immunology (obesity, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmunity)

Options: Potential for UROP Funding, Summer research opportunity at Boston University Medical Campus.

Students will be involved in two research projects that investigate why the immune system fails to control the inflammation that leads to diet-induced obesity, diabetes and diet-accelerated atherosclerosis. Students will learn to feed the mice with high fat diet to mimic these human diseases. Students will be trained in lab technologies, such as animal handling, dissection, animal tissue processing, immunohistochemistry staining, confocal microscopy, ELISA etc.

Students will also join lab meeting and journal club to learn background literature.

Students are required to apply for UROP funding.

UROP Information

UROP Abstracts are due August 7.

Applications for Fall 2015 funding are due at noon on September 10.

The 18th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium will be on Friday, October 16, 2015.