Working with Students

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program is designed to help undergraduates pursue faculty-mentored research at Boston University.

What counts as research?

Our definition of research is broad. Research projects may be undertaken in any academic area, and can take place at either the Charles River Campus or the Medical Campus. We consider research to be any scientific or scholarly activity that leads to:

  • the production of new knowledge
  • increased problem-solving capabilities (including design and analysis of a research project)
  • original critical or historical theory and interpretation

How does UROP work?

When students decide that they are interested in conducting research, they sometimes investigate faculty research interests through departmental websites. However, they often begin by looking through our list of current opportunities. These research opportunities are submitted to UROP by professors who either are interested in involving undergraduates in an existing project or are seeking undergraduates to develop a project. If you would like more information about posting an opportunity, please click here.

Once a student and faculty member have determined that they are interested in working together, they decide what type of project they would like to arrange. Research can be done on a volunteer basis, for academic credit, or as a paid position. If there is interest in a paid position, the mentor and student have three options.

  • Research can be set up as a work-study job (if the student has a work-study award)
  • Faculty members can sometimes support students through grants
  • Students can apply stipend, supply, and/or travel awards from UROP

How do we apply?

It is only necessary for a student to fill out a UROP application if he or she is applying for UROP funding. If any other type of research support is arranged, we would enjoy hearing about it but do not need to be involved in the process.

The student researcher will need to complete an application for funding from UROP. Detailed instructions can be found on the website here.  The mentor is advised to assist the student with the application, and is required to review it at least once before submission. The mentor must also complete a recommendation form, which is available on our website, by midnight of the application deadline.

Detailed information about the stipend, supplies, and travel awards that are available to students can be found here. Please contact the UROP office with any questions.