Epidemiology – Magnani

Jared Magnani



Options: Volunteer Basis, Independent Funding Available, Potential for UROP Funding

The Framingham Heart Study is a longitudinal, community-based study examining the risk factors and outcomes associated with cardiovascular disease. The Study was initiated in 1948 with the enrollment of 5,209 participants forming the Original Cohort. In 1971 the Offspring Cohort was enrolled (n=5,124), and in 2002 the Third Generation Cohort entered the Study (n=4095). The Framingham Heart Study has collected electrocardiograms over multiple decades across examinations. We have now reprocessed ECGs from 1983 onwards and digitized them, facilitating analysis using software algorithms.We are seeking a medical student to participate in organizing these data, conducting quality control assessments, and participating in their analysis. The ideal candidate for this position will have great organizational skills, strong initiative, the ability to work at times independently, and a strong i! nterest in cardiovascular epidemiology.