English literature/history of science and technology

Anna Henchman


English Literature / History of Science and Technology

Options: Volunteer Basis, Potential for UROP Funding

I’m looking for a student who is interested in researching connections between literature and time from 1750-1950, primarily, but not exclusively in Britain, Europe, or America. Between 1800 and 1930, momentous changes in technology (the railway, the telegraph, photography, the airplane) and paradigm-shifting scientific theories (geology, Darwin, Einstein) forced the re-conception of time both in the sciences and in popular imagination. The nineteenth century witnessed the standardization of time; the twentieth saw Newton’s notion of absolute time fundamentally shaken. These developments had new, strange, and contradictory implications for understanding time, implications that fired the imaginations of many of the writers in this period. Developing course materials and a website would be part of the project, but students could also use this opportunity to develop th! eir own research in the area toward a senior essay or future project.