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University of North Carolina School of Medicine: Summer Research Program

Monday, November 15th, 2010

University of North Carolina School of Medicine Summer Undergradute Research Experience
10-week research intense program designed for undergraduate students interested in biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, cellular biophysics, structural biology, computational biology, genetics, genomics, and proteomics. Historically underrepresented students are particularly targeted. Stipend, housing and travel allowance provided.

Montana State University: Complex Biological Systems Program

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Montana State University – Complex Biological Systems Program
10-week research experience for participants to work full-time in a research lab on an independent research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. In the past, students have done research in labs with faculty from the Departments of Cell Biology & Neuroscience, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Veterinary Molecular Biology, Mathematics & Statistics, Psychology, and Microbiology.

FASEB MARC Program: Biomedical and Behavioral Science

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

FASEB MARC Program – Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP) FASEB MARC Program
The Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program was created by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences to increase the number of biomedical and behavioral scientists from minority groups. The MARC Program encourages minority students in the pursuit of graduate training leading to the PhD degree in the Biomedical and Behavioral Sciences.

The University of Iowa: Research Opportunities

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

The University of Iowa – Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP)
8-week summer program for students from groups historically underrepresented in the humanities, arts, social sciences, engineering, and physical and natural sciences. Applicants must have a genuine interest in research and teaching as a career. Housing, stipend, and travel allowance provided.

University of Arizona: Summer Research Institute

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

University of Arizona – Summer Research Institute
10-week summer program to work one-on-one under the supervision of a UA Faculty Mentor who works in your chosen field of study and in an area of specific interest to you. Open to juniors and seniors.

Hunter College: Biomedical Research

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Hunter College – Summer Program for Undergraduate Research
The goal of the program is to train and encourage undergraduate students to pursue graduate study in Biomedical research. The Gene Center has faculty researchers from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Biopsychology. Students of minority groups under-represented in Science are especially encouraged to apply. Travel, housing, and stipend provided.

American Psychological Association Fellowship

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

American Psychological Association – Summer Science Fellowship
6-week intensive summer training program designed to inform students about the science of psychology and its promise for the future, and help prepare them for the rigors of graduate study in psychological science. This is an expenses-paid program.

University of California-Berkeley: Summer Research Oppotunities

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

University of California, Berkeley – Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP)
8-week summer program open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the humanities or the biological, physical or social sciences. Students work with faculty members on predetermined research projects and participate in workshops and seminars designed to assist them in preparing for graduate school. Housing, stipend, and travel allowance provided.

University of California-Los Angeles: Summer Research

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

University of California, Los Angeles – Summer Programs for Undergraduate Research (SPUR)
8-week summer program designed for students who wish to learn more about the graduate school experience and possibly pursue an academic career in teaching and research. Opportunities are available in virtually all academic fields (e.g., arts, humanities, social sciences, life sciences, health sciences, physical sciences, etc.). Housing, stipend, travel allowance provided.

California State University-Fullerton: NSF-REU

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

California State University, Fullerton – NSF-REU Program at Cal State Fullerton
This program provides students with a specific research project, where he/she works closely with faculty, post baccalaureate, and graduate students. Students also attend seminars, lunch meetings and social functions to facilitate interaction between the participants. Travel, housing, and stipend provided.