Corporate Awards

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program is excited about its corporate sponsorship program. This program brings together members of the local corporate community with undergraduate researchers, and UROP hopes the program will spur collaboration and create new opportunities for both industry members and Boston University students.

Sponsorships provide two types of awards:

Student Research Awards

Provide direct support to students in the form of stipends. Students can earn up to $1,650 during the academic year, and $4,400 during the summer.

Funded Research Opportunity Grants

Provide funds for the purchase of project supplies (e.g. enzymes, pipette tips, prints from microfilm).

Sponsorships are generally made for the duration of a semester, but can be sustained for a longer period of time. Corporations that are interested in supporting undergraduate researchers should contact the UROP office by emailing us at or by calling 617-353-2020.

Thank you to our current corporate sponsors!

New England Biolabs

AfghaniRecipient: Jamie Afghani, CAS 2018
Valentina Perissi, MED Biochemistry

Project: Mapping of the minimal interaction surface between G-Protein Pathway Suppressor Two (GPS2) and Ubc13