Published Students

Here’s where you can learn about UROP students who have been recognized in a publication, meeting abstract, or poster presentation. If your UROP project resulted in a paper, award, performance, or presentation, please submit an accomplishment form so we can showcase the information. (Note: some links may not work from off-campus computers due to publisher agreements.)

The following is a list of research accomplishments by Boston University undergraduates in 2016. Achievements from previous years can be found using the links along the right side of the page.

2016 Publications

Brantley Coleman, Kshitij Parag-Sharma & Jason Casler (Professor Mikel Garcia-Marcos – BUSM ­ Biochemistry)
BD Coleman, A Marivin, K Parag-Sharma, V DiGiacomo, S Kim, JS Pepper, J Casler, LT Nguyen, MR  Koelle, M Garcia-Marcos. Evolutionary Conservation of a GPCR-Independent Mechanism of Trimeric G Protein Activation. Molecular Biology and Evolution. Mar;33(3):820-37

Julie Fishman, Sviatlana Rose, Christy Li, Jia Yu, Oliver Chung, Janani Ramachandran, Patrick Ferrel, Vijeta Patel, Arlene Reyna, Hajerah Hameeduddin, James Chaves, Evan Bardot, David Lee (Cynthia Bradham-CAS Biology)
Michael L Piacentino, DT Zuch, J FishmanS Rose, Emily E Speranza, C LiJ YuO ChungJ RamachandranP Ferrell, V Patel, A ReynaH Hameeduddin, J Chaves, Finnegan B Hewitt, E Bardot, D Lee, Amanda B Core,  John D Hogan, Jessica L Keenan, Lingqi Luo, Jasmin Coulombe-Huntington, Todd A.Blute, Ekaterina Oleinik, Jonas Ibn-Salem, Albert J Poustka, and Cynthia A. Bradham. 2016. RNA-Seq identifies sulfated proteogylcans as a skeletal patterning cue in sea urchin embryos. Development, in press

Kathryn Graminga, Jennifer Yung (Scott Seider – SED Curiculum and Teaching)
D Graves, A El-Amin, S Clark, M Soutter, J Tamerat, Jennett, P., K Gramigna, J Yung, M Kenslea. & Sklarwitz, S. (in press). Preparing adolescents attending progressive and no excuses urban charter high schools to analyze, navigate, and challenge race and class inequality. Teachers College Record.

Raleigh Linville (Joe Tien – ENG Biomedical Engineering)
R Linville, NF Boland , Covarrubias, G., Price, G.M. & Tien, J., Physical and chemical signals that promote vascularization of capillary-scale channels. Cell. Mol. Bioeng., in press.

Linlin Meng, Pierre-Francois N.R. Meyer, Meghan L. Leary, Youssef M. Mohammad, Shelbi D. Ferber (Jen-Wei Lin – CAS Biology)
L Meng, PF NR Meyer, ML Leary, YM Mohammad, SD Ferber, and JW Lin. Effects of Deltamethrin on Crayfish motor Axon Activity and Neuromuscular Transmission. Neuroscience Letters. Feb; 617(6):32-38

Samuel Rubin (Binyomin Abrams – CAS Chemistry)
SJ Rubin & B Abrams. 2015. Teaching Fundamental Skills in Microsoft Excel to First-Year Students in Quantitative Analysis. Journal of Chemical Education (J. Chem. Educ.), 91(11), 1840-1845.

2016 Meeting Presentations & Abstracts

Kathryn Graminga, Jennifer Yung, Saira Malhotra, Jamie Johannsen (Scott Seider – SED Curiculum and Teaching)

S SeiderD Graves, A El-Amin, M Soutter, S Clark, J Tamerat, P Jennett , K GramignaJ Yung, S Malhotra, & J Johannsen (Accepted April 2016). The sociopolitical development of adolescents attending urban no excuses and progressive charter high schools. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), Washington DC.

S Seider, D Graves, A El-Amin, M Soutter, S Clark, J Tamerat, P Jennett , K GramignaJ YungS Malhotra, & J Johannsen (Accepted April 2016). The sociopolitical development of Black adolescents attending urban progressive and no excuses charter high schools. Paper presented at roundtable session in the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), Washington DC.

Larisa Kagermazova, Suhaily Penix (Professor Tom Gilmore – CAS Biology), Meleslika Finau (Professor Adrian Whitty – CAS Chemistry)
L Kagermazova, R Shaffer, S PenixM Finau, KN Allen, A Whitty & TD Gilmore. 2016. New insights into NEMO structure and activity. Keystone Symposium on NF-kappaB and MAP Kinase Signaling in Inflammation. March 13-17, 2016. Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, poster presentation.