Published Students

Here’s where you can learn about UROP students who have been recognized in a publication, meeting abstract, or poster presentation. If your UROP project resulted in a paper, award, performance, or presentation, please submit an accomplishment form so we can showcase the information. (Note: some links may not work from off-campus computers due to publisher agreements.)

The following is a list of research accomplishments by Boston University undergraduates in 2017. Achievements from previous years can be found using the links along the right side of the page.


Alexander Billias (Professor Jillian Goldfarb, ENG ME)
Goldfarb, J.L., L. Buessing, E. Gunn, M. Lever, A. Billias, E. Casoliba, A. Schievano, F. Adani. “Novel Integrated Biorefinery for Olive Mill Waste Management: Utilization of Secondary Waste for Water Treatment.” ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. In Press.

Alexander DelMonaco and Cameron Curtiss (Professor Elise Morgan, ENG ME)
Fein, PM, DelMonaco, AM, Jackman, TM, Curtiss, C, Guermazi, A, Barest, GD, Morgan, EF. Is bone density associated with intervertebral disc pressure in healthy and degenerated discs? In preparation.

Valerie Gabao and Denise Stevens (Professor Haya Herscovitz, Medicine)
Monisha Mani, Valerie Gabao, Denise Stevens, and Haya Herscovitz. Regulation ofhigh density lipoproteins biogenesis.Manuscript in preparation.

Anna Kasdan (Professor Swathi Kiran, SAR Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences)
Kasdan, A., & Kiran, S. (under review). Please don’t stop the music: Song completion in patients with aphasia. Journal of Communication Disorders.

Meghan Kupratis (Professor Elise Morgan, ENG ME)
Mangano, LM, Kupratis, ME, Li, K, Gerstenfeld, LC, Morgan, EF. Local changes to the growth plate following injury. In review, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering.

Tadafumi Clark Ikezu (Professor Adrian Whitty, CAS  Chemistry)
Direct Kinetic Analysis of the Activation Mechanism of the RET Receptor Tyrosine Kinase. S. Li, M. Atanasova, T. C. Ikezu, and A. Whitty (Submitted)

Jamie Johannsen and Saira Malhotra (Professor Scott Seider, SED Secondary Education)
El-Amin, A., Seider, S., Graves, D., Tamerat, J., Clark, S., Soutter, M., Johannsen, J., & Malhotra, S. (in press). ‘I see the bigger picture.’: Addressing Black student achievement through critical consciousness development. Phi Delta Kappa.

Larisa Kagermazova, YueKun Liu, Suhaily Penix (Professors Karen Allen and Adrian Whitty, CAS Chemistry and Professor Tom Gilmore, CAS Biology)
Shaffer R, A Yeo, L Kagermazova, Y Liu, M Babaei, S Penix, KA Allen, TD Gilmore, A Whitty. 2016. Characterization of a New Domain Involved in a Conformational Change that is Required for NEMO Function. Manuscript in preparation.

Thomas Lozanoski (Professor Wilson Wong, ENG BME)
Robust and scalable computation with multiple inputs and outputs in mammalian cells. Nature Biotechnology. In press. Benjamin H. Weinberg, N. T. Hang Pham, Leidy D. Caraballo, Thomas Lozanoski, Adrien Engel, Swapnil Bhatia, Wilson W. Wong.

Carolyn Lee, Kristen Woo, Laura Nelson, and Sam Barry (Professor Deborah Keleman, CAS Psychological & Brain Sciences)
Kelemen, D. and The Child Cognition Lab (2017, March). How pilosas evolved skinny noses(A storybook about adaptation by natural selection). Tumblehome Learning Inc.: Boston, MA.

Carolyn Lee and Laura Nelson (Professor Deborah Keleman, CAS Psychological & Brain Sciences)
Kelemen, D. and The Child Cognition Lab (2017, August). How dormits evolved long backs(A storybook about adaptation by natural selection) (temporary title). Tumblehome Learning Inc.: Boston, MA.

Jackson Lee (Professor Cara Stepp, SAR Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences)
Cler M.J., Lee J.C., Mittelman T., Stepp C.E., Bohland J.W. “Kinematic analysis of speech sound sequencing errors induced by delayed auditory feedback,” Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, In Press.

Bauer LeSavage (Professor Joyce Wong, ENG BME)
D.E. Backman, B.L. LeSavage, and J.Y. Wong (in press) “Versatile and inexpensive Hall-Effect force sensor for mechanical characterization of soft biological materials,” J Biomechanics, doi: 10.1016/j.jbiomech.2016.11.065

Christian Mancini (Professor Louis Gerstenfeld, Medicine)
Serum Proteomic Assessment of the Progression of Fracture Healing. Amira I. Hussein, Christian Mancini, Kyle E. Lybrand, Margaret E. Cooke, Heather Matheny, Brenna Hogue, Paul Tornetta III, Louis C. Gerstenfeld submitted J. Bone and Mineral Research.

Annette Mitko (Professor Swathi Kiran, SAR Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences)
Des Roches, C., Mitko, A., Kiran, S., (under review). Relationship between level of assistance and rehabilitation outcomes in individuals with aphasia: Understanding individual responsiveness to a technology-based rehabilitation program. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

Nathchar Naowarojna (Professor Pinghua Liu, CAS Chemistry)
Nathchar Naowarojna, Heng Song, Shu Wang, and Pinghua Liu. “Reconstitute thewhole biosynthetic pathway for ovothiol”, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., submitted.

Seema, Irani, Nathchar Naowarojna, Heng Song, Shu Wang, and Pinghua Liu, Yan Zhang. “Mechanistic Studies of C-S Lyase in Ergothioneine Biosynthesis: CrystalStructures Capture Four States in the Catalytic Cycle”, Nat. Chem., submitted.

Nathchar Naowarojna, and Pinghua Liu, “Two conformations of α –ketoglutarate dependent enzymes”, Synth. Systems Biol. Invited Review paper.

Douglas Ober and Yining Jiang (Professor Thomas Tullius, CAS Chemistry)
Experimental structural maps of binding sites for DNA-binding proteins. Robert N.Azad, Dana Zafiropoulos, Douglas Ober, Yining Jiang, Tsu-Pei Chiu, Remo Rohs,and Thomas D. Tullius. Manuscript in preparation (to be submitted soon).

Melek Saçan (Professor Jillian Goldfarb, ENG ME)
Söyler, J.L. Goldfarb, S. Ceylan, M.T. Saçan. “Renewable Fuels from Pyrolysis of Dunaliella tertiolecta: An Alternative Approachto Lipid Extraction and Transesterification of Microalgae.” Energy. In Press.

Peter Schmiege (Professor Peter Buston, CAS Biology)
Schmiege, P., D’Aloia, C. C. D & Buston, P. M. (2017) Anemonefish personalities influence the strength of mutualistic interactions with host sea anemones. Marine Biology in press.

Katrina Trost (Professor Jeremy Menchik, CAS/Pardee International Studies)
“Beyond Exceptionalism: Indonesian Muslims in Comparative Perspective,” in Routledge Handbook to Indonesia, Robert Hefner, ed. In progress.

Alicia Van Enoo, Pin-Hao Chao, and Mina Botros (Professor Tsuneya Ikezu, Medicine)
Woodbury ME, Van Enoo A, Holland C, Medalla M, Guillamon-Vivancos T, Chao PH, Botros M, Desani A, Manimaran S, Butovsky O, Johnson WE, Ikezu S, Luebke JI, Ikezu T. INHIBITION OF CSF1R REJUVENATES MICROGLIA AND CORRECTS AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER PHENOTYPE (Nature under review) [Abstract]

Christina Walker (Professor James Traniello, CAS Biology)
Kamhi J.F., Sandridge, A., Walker, C., Robson, S.K.A., and Traniello, J.F.A. 2017. Worker brain development and colony organization in ants: does division of labor reduce neuroplasticity? Developmental Neurobiology. doi:10.1002/dneu.22496.

Eric Wang (Professor Andrew Taylor, Medicine)
Wang E, Choe Y, Ng T, and Taylor AW. Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cell Regulation of Phagocytosis by Macrophages. Under Review IOVS.

Grant Yonemoto and Lacin Koro (Professor Tsuneya Ikezu, Medicine)
Varnum MM, Ikezu S, Yonemoto G, Koro L and Ikezu T. Characterization of TREM2- TYROBP signaling through novel real-time TREM2-TYROBP coupling reporter system with split-luciferase complementation. (J Biol Chem in revision)

Posters & Abstracts

Isaac Benque (Professor Andrew Taylor, Medicine)
Regulation of antigen processing in macrophages by RPE Taylor AW, Shannon R, Benque I, Ng TF. Submitted Abstract for ARVO 2017.

Melanie Cabral, Jamie Johannsen and Saira Malhotra (Professor Scott Seider, SED Secondary Education)
Graves, D., Seider, S., El-Amin, A., Kelly, L., Clark, S., Jennett, P., Soutter, M., Tamerat, J., Cabral, M., Johannsen, J., & Malhotra, S. (Accepted 2017, April). The development of black and Latino students’ perceptions of racism: A longitudinal study of urban high school students. American Educational Research Association.

Seider, S., Graves, D., Kelly, L., Tamerat, J., Clark, S., Soutter, M., Jennett, P., El-Amin, A., Malhotra, S., Johannsen, J., & Cabral, M. (Accepted 2017, April). The development of sociopolitical consciousness of race and class inequality in adolescents attending urban schools. Paper presented at roundtable session in the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), San Antonio, TX.

Leticia Dinatto (Professor Vyacheslav Labunskyy, MED Dermatology)
Carine Beaupere, Leticia Dinatto, Brian Wasko, Matt Kaeberlein, and Vyacheslav M.Labunskyy. ER Stress Resistance Conferred by Adaptive Aneuploidy and Constitutive Induction of the Unfolded Protein Response is Associated with Decreased Yeast Replicative Lifespan, contributed talk at the 2nd Interventions in Aging Conference, Mexico, March 2017.

Sneha Patel and Eva Ciccodicola (Professor Cara Lewis, SAR Health Sciences)
Patel S, Ciccodicola E, Khuu A, Lewis CL. Comparison of kinematics, kinetics and muscle activity during single leg squatswith varying trunk position. Proceedings of the Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association, San Antonio, TX, February, 2017.

Michael Rosario (Professor Karin Schon, Medicine)
A Velez Lopez*, M Rosario*, K Schon. 2017. Cardiovascular fitness is positively correlated with left entorhinal cortical thickness in healthy young adults. International Neuropsychological Society 45th Annual Meeting, February 2017, New Orleans, LA (submitted).*denotes co-first authorship

Natalya Shelchkova and Christie Tang (Professor Martina Poletti, CAS Psychological & Brain Sciences)
Title: The role of small eye movements in spatial exploration
Authors: Natalya Shelchkova, Christie Tang, Michele Rucci and Martina Poletti
Poster will be presented at the Vision Science Society Meeting in May 2017

Sophia Wedeen (Professor Dino Christenson, CAS Political Science)
Christenson, Box-Steffensmeier, Wedeen. “Campaign Finance Networks.” APSA2017 (expected).