Singh – Computational Biology/Cancer Genomics

Anurag Singh
Options: Independent Funding Available, Potential for UROP Funding, Potential for Work-Study Funding, Potential for Academic Credit

The Laboratory of Cancer Pharmacogenomics at the Boston University School of Medicine seeks a motivated person to perform research in targeted cancer therapeutics. The lab is directed by Dr. Anurag Singh Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. Research in the lab is focused on delineating molecular mechanisms of cancer progression using functional genomics and systems biological tools and techniques. The lab studies poor-prognosis cancer types such as lung, pancreatic and colon cancers. A major focus for the lab is how these cancers may be sub classified into “molecular subtypes” which differ in their responses to anti-cancer agents. This research opportunity involves analysis of whole genome expression datasets to identify “signatures” that can stratify cancer patient populations! for biomarker and therapeutic target discovery. A working knowledge of the UNIX command line (shell) is required and programming languages such as C/C++. Students interested in this research will also learn and become familiar with the “R” statistical analysis software package and it’s application to gene expression analyses.

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