Ikezu – Neuroinflammation

Professor Tsuneya Ikezu, tikezu@bu.edu
Neuroinflammation related to Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and traumatic brain injury
Options: Potential for UROP Funding, Potential for Academic Credit

One undergrad research opportunity is available pending UROP funding or for academic credit to study the role of neuroinflammation (mainly microglia function ) on several disease mouse models, including Alzheimer’s disease (tauopathy model), autism (maternal immune activation), and traumatic brain injury. The job assignment includes neuropathological characterization of mouse brain, gene expression analysis, microglia isolation, and some biochemical/molecular biological experiments. A full-time student will also have training opportunity for research and paper presentation at the laboratory meetings.

UROP Information

The UROP Application will be open for Spring 2014 applications in mid to late November

Spring 2014 Funding Applications will be due on December 4th at noon

The 17th Annual UROP Symposium was held on October 17th, 2014