Pineda – Latin American Studies, Film, and History

Professor Adela Pineda

Latin American Studies/ Film/ Intellectual History
Options: Potential for UROP Funding

Cinematic visions of revolutionary Mexico captured the historical and political imagination of the twentieth century with unparalleled vigor and were turned to remarkably diverse political uses:  the advocacy of socialism during the Great Depression; the democratic struggle against fascism and Nazism; negotiation of the Cold War; the struggle for postcolonial liberation; the protests against Vietnam; and the denunciation of South American dictatorships.  This project focuses on specific European, American, and South-American intellectuals (filmmakers, writers, and photographers) who delved into the visual reservoir of Mexican nationalism in order to produce films that aimed to legitimize political and cultural agendas in historical and geographical scenarios other than the Mexican.  The project uses archival research in order to address questions of intellectual agency, political intent, a! nd aesthetic strategy.