Leibler – Epidemiology/Infectious Diseases

Jessica Leibler

Epidemiology/Infectious Diseases

Options: Volunteer Basis, Potential for UROP Funding

Research Assistant for a summer project in infectious disease epidemiology based at the School of Public Health. PI: Dr. Jessica Leibler.

I am looking for one or more BU students to assist this summer with a field study in infectious disease epidemiology. The study is focused on identifying risk of exposure to bacterial pathogens from backyard poultry production in the metro Boston area.  The Research Assistant(s) would interview poultry owners, collect biological samples from within the chicken coop and household, and help with other aspects of study management (data entry, recruitment of participants, sample transport, coordination with the lab, etc). Research assistants would be trained in interview techniques and sample collection and would have the option to participate in manuscript writing, depending on their level of engagement in the project.

The ideal candidate would have training in the biological sciences, public health or sociology. Enthusiasm for the research area and working with people and animals are central prerequisites. This could be a full-time or part-time position (or multiple positions) based on funding, schedules and interests of qualified students.

Interested students should send their resume and a brief statement of interest to jleibler@bu.edu