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Sean Flanagan
Options: Volunteer Basis, Potential for UROP Funding

Dr. Kimberly Howard is seeking a motivated undergraduate student to join her research team. Dr. Howard’s research investigates key aspects of career development for children. Dr. Howard developed the Conceptions of Career Choice and Attainment model, which is an empirically tested model that captures the nature of how children are reasoning and conceptualizing key career development processes.

Currently the team is beginning to plan a series of pilot studies to assess the suitability of the CCCA model for utility in other areas of children’s career development. More specifically, the projects will focus on adapting the model for use with STEM education, multicultural populations, and measuring motivation/self-efficacy. IRB approval and data collection will occur in early spring of 2014. Students would have the opportunity to work on either or both projects and assist in the IRB application process, specifying interview protocols to fit the context of the current studies, as well as conduct and transcribe interviews with children, among other tasks as a part of this team.

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