Jiang – Cell Biology/Biochemistry/Pharmacology

Zhen Jiang
Options: Volunteer Basis, Independent Funding Available, Potential for UROP Funding, Potential for Work-Study Funding, Potential for Academic Credit

Our group is interested in understanding the insulin signaling transduction and cellular mechanisms of diabetes and inmate immunity and early stage inflammation involved in obesity and related complications.
Students will have first hand experiences of doing experiments, leaning the techniques and background knowledges.
For more information about our group, please read the paper below
Xie, et al, Cell Metabolism, C2 Domain-Containing Phosphoprotein CDP138 Regulates GLUT4 Insertion into the PlasmaMembrane. 14:(3) 378-89, 2011
Mansuy-Aubert, et al, Cell metabolism Imbalance between Neutrophil Elastase and its Inhibitor a1-Antitrypsin in Obesity Alters Insulin Sensitivity, Inflammation, and Energy Expenditure. 17: 534-548, 2013