Caldwell-Harris – Psycholinguistics

Catherine Caldwell-Harris
Options: Volunteer Basis, Potential for UROP Funding, Potential for Academic Credit

Contact the project coordinator to find out how to get involved. Time commitment is flexible, but averages around 6 hours per week. We will work around your schedule.

Jokes and humor processing
Why are jokes pleasurable? We investigate the inner workings of the theory of joke comprehension called incongruity resolution. We use the psycholinguistic method called priming to determine whether (and how well) we can makes jokes funnier, less funny, or make people regularly fail to ‘get’ a joke. We are “playing god” with humor to show that we really understand how jokes work.
Duties involve all aspects of running a study, from recruiting participants using the SONA system to managing excel spread sheets and analyzing/interpreting the results.
Contact Kathy Ziecik