Kamalic – Computer Science

Daniel Kamalic
Options: Independent Funding Available, Potential for UROP Funding, Potential for Work-Study Funding

The Cloud Computing Initiative of the Hariri Institute at Boston University is looking for fearless student DevOps engineers who want to learn Cloud Computing by helping us set up the Massachusetts Open Cloud, a new nonprofit public Infrastructure as a Service cloud to be deployed at the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center, and enable its use across many areas of research, from medical imaging to astronomy to transportation.

You will work on many things, from automating an OpenStack deployment with Puppet, to deploying and using a Hadoop cluster on it, to working with medical researchers on new elastic applications for radiology, to hacking on a new elastic operating system for deploying those applications.

We need students with UNIX/Linux and programming experience who are willing to make a minimum commitment of 4 to 6 hours per week, with the ability to work more up to your student load limit, and the opportunity to work full-time over the summer if you wish.

Please email moc-developers@googlegroups.com with a brief resume and some times when you might be able to meet with us for an interview.