Ye – Transnational Immigration/Globalization/China & India

Min Ye
Options: Volunteer Basis, Potential for Academic Credit

China and India have the world’s largest immigrant bodies, who are globally acclaimed in their accomplishments. In the recent decades, a large number of such talents are going home or circulating back and forth between host and home societies. What kind of impacts do they have on their homelands? What opportunities are their home countries providing them? Which country has better chances of winning the race for global talents in the future?

I am looking for a student that is motivated to conduct material search and preliminary analysis. Students with backgrounds and proficiency in Chinese and India are preferred, but the position is open to all students who are motivated, eager to learn, and enjoy independent research. As the supervisor, I will be available 100 percent to help the student to gain the skills of research and get excited about acquiring new knowledge of an emerging, globally consequential development in the world.

Depending on the student’s contribution and availability, the project starts as on volunteer basis, but can lead to academic credit, and down the road, independent funding may come along