Heywood – Modern History

Linda Heywood
Options: Potential for UROP Funding

Work on a project that focuses on the cultural relationship between Cuba and Angola from 1975 to today. The materials include memoirs published by Cuban officers as well as other materials written by Cuban workers who served in the Cuban military or who are working in Angola as doctors, teachers, architects and the like. The corpus also includes articles from newspapers and academic journals published in Cuba as well as interviews recorded with Cubans in Havana in 2014. The prospective student will be expected to organize the materials, transcribe the recordings, and translate from Spanish to English all relevant sections of the materials that refer to the cultural links between Cuba and Angola. The student can take the opportunity to develop his/her own research project on another aspect of the relations between Cuba and Angola since 1975. The student will present his/her paper at a public event sponsored by the African American Studies Program during the spring semester.