Economics/History/International Relations/Political Science – Bazzi

Samuel Bazzi
Options: Volunteer Basis, Independent Funding Available Potential for UROP Funding

I am looking for students in Economics, History, International Relations, or Political Science to assist in a study of the mass violence that took place across Indonesia in the mid-1960s.

The research will explore all available primary and secondary sources of information on this fascinating period in Indonesian history. Because the Government of Indonesia successfully covered up much of the historical record (until recently), much less is known about this period than about other episodes of mass violence in the 20th century. The research will involve (i) reading available books, articles, case studies, and official government/military records, and (ii) converting textual reports of incidents of violence in a given location and time to a well cited record in a database of such incidents.

This study is part of a larger project looking at the long-run institutional consequences of violence. The findings will have important implications for understanding whether and how mass violence early in a country’s national history may impact the nature of its political and economic development process.

The position requires a strong attention to detail and interest in converting case studies and textual reports into a systematic data source. Reading ability in Indonesian is a plus. The position offers an opportunity for students to build their resume, gain an academic mentor, and do research on one of the most important and understudied modern historical events in the world’s fourth most populous country.

The position will begin as early as late August 2013 and extend through the academic year.

Interested candidates should send a CV, a transcript, a brief description of their interest in the project, and specify how many hours they are willing to work, to