Cancer and Cardiovascular Signaling, and Epigenomics-Sarkar

Sibaji Sarkar

Options: Volunteer, UROP Funding, Academic Credit

A. Molecular Biology, Epigenomics and Cancer Biology: Gene Silencing by Methylation; Regulation of Gene Silencing and Expression by Epigenetics; Imprinting; Genomics and Chromatin Remodeling; Tumor Suppressor Genes and Signal Transduction in Cancer Cells; Cell Cycle Inhibition; Apoptosis, Autophagy and Metastasis; Combination Therapy of Cancer Cells; Molecular Mechanism.

B. Cardiovascular and Platelet Biology: Mechanism of Platelet Outside-in and Inside-out Signaling in Thrombus formation; Development of Anti-Thrombotic and Fibrinolytic Procedures; Integrin alphaIIBbeta3 and syk kinase mediated signaling.

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