Menchik – International Relations

Jeremy Menchik
Options: Volunteer Basis, Potential for UROP Funding, Potential for Work-Study Funding, Potential for Academic Credit

I am looking for student researchers with an interest in international relations, political science, or religious studies to assist in two projects.

The first project draws on newly collected survey data with the leaders of the world’s largest Muslim organizations. The researcher will integrate this data with survey data from other countries to compare how Indonesian Muslim elites think about interfaith relations in matters of education, marriage, religious freedom, political representation, and political speech. This research is important for understanding the contours of tolerance in the emergent Muslim-majority democracies. I am looking for someone with experience in survey research including creating and editing tables and figures in Excel or Stata.

The second project is a historical and theoretical investigation into transnational political authority with a focus on the Islamic caliphate. The caliphate was one of the world’s longest lasting institutions and was dissolved less than one hundred years ago. The researcher will compile an annotated bibliography on the operation of previous caliphates, help theorize pathways through which a modern caliphate could be reestablished and the barriers to its restoration. This research is important for understanding the mechanisms through which religious actors could transform the global system of sovereign nation-states. I am looking for someone with excellent writing and research skills in international affairs including historical work. Arabic, Indonesian or Malay language capacity is a plus. Most important, however, is the researcher’s ability to think clearly and creatively about political authority and religious movements.

Both positions offer students the opportunity to build their resume, gain an academic mentor, and do research in international relations. Summer research will be on a volunteer basis but may transition into course credit, work study, or UROP funding in fall 2013. Interested students should send a CV, writing sample (less than five pages), college transcript, and cover letter to