Han – Biology

Shiwei Han
Options: Volunteer Basis, Potential for UROP Funding, Potential for Academic Credit

Interested in learning laboratory basic and translational research and contribute to the cancer field? We have one position available for an undergraduate student to join a new project in the Edwin Steele Laboratory for Tumor Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard Medical School) dealing with environmental influences on cancer progression. Dr. Rakesh K. Jain, Professor of Tumor Biology and an HST-affiliated faculty member lead the laboratory.
Specifically, we aim to study target heat shock protein 90 to enhance the large molecular therapeutics in breast cancer and pancreatic cancer; target CD40 to enhance cancer autoimmunityon pancreatic cancer model; the functional and mechanism study on vasculogenic mimicry in ErbB2 positive breast cancer and brain metastasis tumor.
You will be given the possibility to learn/practice in vivo and in vitro techniques and to perform data analysis. You will be able to work with mouse models, perform basic mouse surgery, microscopy (confocal/intravital imaging), immunohistochemistry, cell culture and several in vitro techniques (RNA preparations and qPCR, Western blot analysis for protein expression, ELISA for protein quantification, and others).

Applicants should preferably have some research experience and an interest in cancer research in general and in tumor biology in particular, and be willing to continue over the winter semester. But above all, be enthusiastic and eager to learn and contribute to a research project addressing an important issue in the cancer field.
Significant contributions will be recognized with co-authorship on manuscripts published as a direct result of the student’s work.

More information about the laboratory can be found on the website http://steele.mgh.harvard.edu

Contact information: Shiwei Han, MD. shiwei@steele.mgh.harvard.edu