Goldberg – Network Security

Sharon Goldberg
Options: Independent Funding Available, Potential for UROP Funding, Potential for Work-Study

We (Profs. Sharon Goldberg and Leo Reyzin of the BU security group in the computer science department) have a number of projects available for motivated undergraduate students interested in network security. We are particularly interested in studying the interaction between secure network protocols (like DNSSEC, IPsec and BGP security) and Internet censorship and blocking. Students interested in working with us should have strong programming skills; a background or interest in cryptography or security is welcome but certainly not required.

If this sounds interesting, drop by Prof. Goldberg’s office hours, Tuesday 1.30-2.30 or 5.15-7.15 to learn more about our projects. We have a history of doing serious research with undergraduates; our previous UROPs have presented their original work at national and international conferences, and have interacted with policy groups and standards bodies like the FCC and the IETF.